Special Prize for Bridging Gap Between Cultures

  • In 2013, the National Organisation for Future Generations awarded Widad the 2013 Special Prize for being a passionate advocate of bridging the gap between cultures.
  • She dedicated her award to Defend International members.


Defend International Announcement, December 2013

Defend International (DI) is pleased to announce that Dr. Widad, co-founder of Defend International is the recipient of the 2013 ‘Special Prize’ by the National Organisation for Future Generations for “being a passionate advocate of bridging the gap between civilizations and cultures.” This highly honorable award seeks to honor, when merited, exceptional leaders in the MENA region who have made valuable contributions to humanity through the creation of a culture of coexistence and harmony.

Mr. Dahman Elheddi, President of National Organisation for Future Generations (NOFG), presented the award on December 13, 2013 saying that Dr. Widad was honored today for “her pathbreaking efforts to build bridges between civilizations and cultures through dialogue and collaboration.” Before wishing her continued success and progress in 2014, he stated that all members of NOFG are pleased to recognise Dr. Widad’s strong work ethic and her commitment to a culture of inclusion and diversity.

On receiving the award, Dr. Widad said that she was touched to receive the award. "I am glad that our work has been recognised. I have a lot of admiration to Mr. Dahman Elheddi and his colleagues, as well as all members of Defend International. I would like to thank them for the contribution they have made to humanity and the inclusive attitude they have,” she said.

Dr. Widad congratulated Mr. Elheddi and DI members for being powerful contributors to a culture of human rights and peace. "I strongly believe that we have exceptional members who do not spare any effort to promote peace and democracy through cultural relations and advocacy," she stated.