International Day Of Solidarity With Kobane

Dr-Widad at Ronahi TVOn 1st November 2014, the Brussels-based Ronahi TV interviewed Dr. Widad on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity With Kobane.

The major topics of discussion included Widad’s involvement in creating a momentum in favour of providing protection to Kobane residents, and the importance of the growing global support to Kobane.






Widad spoke passionately about the protection of both the residents and the refugees, including the Christians, Yezidis, Arabs and other ethnic groups.

She assessed the humanitarian crisis in the refugee camps in Rojava and talked about ways to improve the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those in need. She stated that there should be more cross-organisational collaboration to alleviate the suffering caused by the current man-made tragedies – the slavery, the beheadings, the oppression, the torture, the sexual violence and the summary executions of civilians.

The interview was conducted in Arabic.