Anatomy of COVID Calamity




Adding a reflective piece to the COVID-19 puzzle, Dr. Widad Akreyi offers a brilliant dissection of a world-shaking pandemic.

Will the COVID-19 crisis ever be over? What does the outlook look like in an altogether more chaotic period? How do variants impact illness severity? Do genes and gender play a part in disease risk? Are there any adverse events that happen after vaccination? What should I be watching for?

If you have been asking yourself questions like these, this book has the answers for you. By combining her unsurpassable compassion and exemplary intelligence with her instant access to the latest medical research, Dr. Widad Akreyi has created a book that will be of tremendous help to you in navigating a smooth path past these trying times.

Stunningly illustrated and written by an expert in the field, Anatomy of COVID Calamity supplies readers with an objective, data-driven assessment of not only the threats facing us right now, but also the problems we all will face in the years ahead. It gives you the unvarnished truth of what is known and what remains unknown with respect to Covid, making the book a key resource for all readers. Widad's compelling messages will resonate widely. Her infectious positivity will guide you in warding against the virus and moving forward.


Widad has donated her manuscript
to charity
 & receives no royalties!



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"This book is a must-read. Of all the books I've read about covid-19, this is the first one without a political agenda. It brings the readers up to date on the anatomy of this crisis. The author did a fantastic job presenting real data in a logical and rational way. I was impressed by her balanced view and the recommendations this book contains. Whether you are a vaccine-developer, a therapeutic inventor, a doctor, a patient or an ordinary reader, you will find what you are looking for in Dr. Akreyi's book." - Linkedin Review


"Dr Widad Akreyi is an inspiration. I can't think of a more timely book. Anatomy of COVID Calamity extrapolates current trends of the pandemic and anticipates what the future might bring. The book covers different parts of the world. So it is essential reading for everyoneThe author is honest, her book is well-documented, written with impartiality. I 100 percent recommend this book!" - Goodreads Review