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The Viking's Kurdish Love Series

Nothing Remains Hidden

Book #4, PUBLISHED August 2022

"The Viking's Kurdish Love series is epic; there is no question about it. It's dazzling, uplifting, scintillating. Book 4 in this series, Nothing Remains Hidden, is intense. Not to be missed. There's excitement, danger, unpredictability. The attention to details is microscopic. It's like a time-machine... Widad Akreyi has come up with really smart ideas." ~ Review



Roots of To-Be Templars

Book #3, PUBLISHED August 2021

"Crafted with breathtaking creativity, Roots of To-Be Templars is Dr. Widad Akreyi at her best. Her crystalline prose style seduced me. This book is perhaps one of the bravest books ever written.... Characterised by unparalleled in-depth knowledge of the subject, poetic undertones, and visionary scope, Widad's experience in writing novels and her daring originality are apparent throughout in this work." ~ Goodreads review by Elizabeth Jensen.



Females of Valor

Book #2, PUBLISHED August 2020

"Females of Valor is another triumph for its creator, the internationally acclaimed human rights icon Dr. Widad Akreyi. The author vividly portrays a family shattered by man-caused tragedy.... real people with whom the reader can identify. The author introduces us to a variety of traditions, Zoroastrians, Jewish, Christian, Kurdish, Norse etc. Her books are on my must-reads." ~ Goodreads review by Nova S. H.



Zoroastrians' Fight for Survival

Book #1, PUBLISHED August 2020

"Written with vigor and verve... With her characteristic freshness and well-rendered prose, the author ties in the present and past neatly together. The dynamics between the characters is as central to the storyline as their fights against the evil doers." ~ Brianna A. Sanford



The Viking's Kurdish Love Series in Spanish

La lucha de los zoroastrianos por sobrevivir

Book #1, PUBLISHED October 2022

Una historia épica de romance y recuerdos. Un encuentro de corazones en las circunstancias más improbables. Una mujer con una mente deslumbrante. Un hombre que toma decisiones impulsivas. Una boda real se convierte en una decapitación. Una nación en riesgo de aniquilación y una batalla por la supervivencia en el horizonte.



Mujeres de Valor

Book #2, PUBLISHED December 2023

Contada con una narrativa poética, Mujeres de valor es un relato apasionante de sufrimiento y supervivencia, con personajes cautivadores, giros argumentales sorprendentes y temas que invitan a la reflexión, sobre todo lo que significa ser leal a los que amamos.



Anatomy of COVID Calamity

Anatomy of COVID Calamity

PUBLISHED September 2021

A peer-reviewer for high-profile medical journals, Dr. Widad Akreyi has combined her unsurpassable compassion with her exemplary intelligence, creating a book that will be of tremendous help to you in navigating a smooth path past these trying times. A recipient of numerous awards and honors from around the world, she has devoted all her life to enhancing the health and well-being of individuals and communities in need.



Widad's Memoir

The Daughter of Kurdland: A Life Dedicated to Humankind

PUBLISHED April 2019

"An uplifting, rich memoir that will inspire and build confidence in readers.... I know it takes guts of steel to write a memoir.... This is the closest any of us can get to realise the hardships Widad has experienced. She came out on the other side with her spirit and love for humanity intact. This book will cement Dr. Widad Akreyi's unparalleled legacy. If you are looking for a mindset shift, or simply want to look at your life with a new perspective, then look no further. This memoir is the book you should read." ~ Goodreads review by Mr. Bob Dennis



 Cancer Epidemiology, Research and Theory Series

Cancer Risk Models

PUBLISHED September 2018

The book aims at improving our understanding of the empirical and mechanism-based vitamin E-lung cancer models, to aid in developing new strategies for treatment and prevention of lung cancer.


Linking Theory & Research

PUBLISHED February 2019

The book aims to briefly trace the historical development of the theory connecting lung cancer risk and intakes of dietary and supplemental vitamin E.


Books in other languages

Datteren af Kurdland


Dette er historien om Dr. Widad Akreyi, den kurdiske aktivist, der blev et globalt ikon.


Taras Bog


This is Widad Akreyi's first book, published originally in 2003.


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