Woman Harmony Award

Photo courtesy of International Woman Award Committee

  • In October 2018, the jury Committee of the International Woman Harmony Award selected Dr. Widad Akreyi as the recipient of the 2018 International Simply Woman Harmony Award (Human Rights Award) for devoting her life to defending human rights.
  • Widad's trip schedule to Tuscany, Italy included a tour to historic sites in Cortona and Arezzo and meetings with representatives of NGOs, women groups, and the students of Cortona and Arezzo.

The Ceremony

The Award ceremony took place on November 23rd, at 9 PM at the Signorelli Theatre in Cortona, Tuscany, Italy. Broadcasted by RTV 38 and Canale 21, the ceremony was moderated by anchor and journalist Monica Peruzzi from Sky TG24. The sophisticated singer and songwriter Laura Falcinelli and the super talented musicians Mauro Bip Maurizi, Marco Patalocco and Alberto Rosadini made the ceremony an unforgettable one.

Photos above courtesy of International Simply Woman Award Committee and RTV38

Press Release Issued by Defend International

Dr. Widad Akreyi Awarded in Italy

Oslo-FlorenceDecember 4, 201– Dr. Widad Akreyi was presented with the 2018 International Woman Harmony Award for devoting her life to defending human rights. The ceremony was held on November 23rd at Signorelli Theatre in Cortona.

Dr. Widad Akreyimulti award-winning peace-builder and co-founder of Defend International, was selected as the recipient of the 201International Simply Woman Harmony Award (Human Rights Award).

Dr. Widad receivethe award on Friday 23rd November, at 21:00, during a ceremony in Tuscany at Cortona’s Signorelli TheatreThevent was broadcasted by RTV 38.

The International Woman Harmony Award honours exemplary women who, despite the oppression and injustice they have endured, have played a pivotal role in promoting positive values in order to create positive change by spreading a culture of peace, solidarity, and respect for human rights – courageous women with a history of commitment, solidarity and fidelity to themselves and their ideals.

Dr. Widad'program includemeetings with students of high- and secondary schoolsSome events were open for public. The activities precedethe 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, which kicked off on November 25th until 10th December, the International Human Rights Day.

"It was an honour to receive this award," said Dr. Widad following the ceremony. "My deep gratitude to Italy, to the Jury and the organising Committee."

The announcement was made by the Award's executive committee on November 8th at the Sala Dei Grandi of the Provincial Council of Arezzo. Citing her achievements, the committee commended Widad‘s message of justice and respect for human rights, as well as her compassion and solidarity with the victims.

The sponsors of the Award include elite developers and highly respected professional companies. The patrons are the European Parliament, Sakharov Prize, the Italian Prime Minister, Tuscany Region, Tuscan Regional Council, Province of Arezzo, Municipality of Cortona, SOS Children’s Villages, Nicodemo Settembrini Foundation, Soroptimist Arezzo and Inner Wheel ArezzoMedia partners comprise of Rai Radio 1, RTV 38, QN LA Nazione, Radio Italia 5, Arezzo Notizie and Radio Arezzo.

Photo courtesy of International Simply Woman Award Committee

Photo courtesy of International Simply Woman Award Committee

The International Woman Harmony Award

The International Simply Woman Harmony Award is an Italian Award that has been awarded since 2013 to counter all forms of violence against women. The laureates are protagonists who have marked the contemporary history with their actions and have exemplified a strong commitment to spread their message of peace, solidarity, social and civil rights.

The Award and Jury Committees comprise of important female representatives of the Italian media, local administration, national and international institutions, as well as lawyers, writers, lecturers, headmasters, entrepreneurs, media personalities and science specialists.

The Award Committee says; "the word Simply embraces an extensive ramification of important meanings such as simplicity, naturalness."

The Award itself represents a harmonious figure of a woman of no age, no ethnicity. She reflects on herself and the world around her. Her body is made of metal to resemble her heavy weight, her importance. The globe made of crystal symbolises her way of thinking, her experiences, emotions, values, all enclosed inside the globe.

Trip Schedule

Dr. Akreyi's trip schedule to Florence, Arezzo, Cortona included:

  • A welcome dinner with the heads and members of the Woman Harmony Award Committee and the Jury Committee. The dinner was hosted at Restaurant Nessun Dorma, located at Piazza Signorelli in Cortona;
  • A meeting with the students of Liceo Signorelli. The meeting took place in the Medicea Hall at the Etruscan Museum, Piazza Signorelli, Cortona;
  • A meeting with the students of I.S.I.S. Professional Vegni Aula Magna. The meeting ended with Jury President Patrizia Macchione presenting Widad and other speakers with a special gift of appreciation from Nomination Italy;
  • A lunch cooked and served by the students of Professional Vegni Aula Magna;
  • A Gala and buffet reception at Sala Pavolini, located at Piazza Signorelli, Cortona;
  • The Award presentation ceremony entitled "A life and profession dedicated to the defence of rights" began at 9 PM at the Signorelli Theatre in Cortona;
  •  A meeting with the students of Liceo Classico Francesco Petrarca Arezzo. After the seminar President Paola Butali of Soroptimist Arezzo presented Widad with the Soroptimist's Club Arezzo medal for her courage and bravery to stand up for human rights;
  • A private lunch with members of Soroptimist Arezzo and Vice President Chiara Fatai of the Woman Harmony Award Committee; and
  • A driving tour in Arezzo. The tour featured visits to historic sites.

Moments of Tuscany Trip

Seminar at Liceo Classico High School


iConic Resort

As soon as Dr. Widad Akreyi arrived in the Tuscan region, she and Dr. Lucia Votano were welcomed at the iConic Resort.

They enjoyed the first-class hospitality of Directors Barbara and Paolo Campobasso for the duration of their stay.

The iConic Resort is located in Arezzo, which is one of Tuscany's most beautiful areas that stretch between Florence, Siena and Perugia.

The building with the luxurious Club and Spa is a testimony to the creativity of the Architect Simone Micheli, the founder of the Simone Micheli Architectural Hero Company.

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