Harmony Award Ceremony

  • In November 2019, Dr. Widad Akreyi received a special invitation to attend the ceremony and events of the International Woman Harmony Award, of which she is a jury member and an ambassador.
  • Widad's trip schedule to Tuscany, Italy included meetings with representatives of NGOs, women groups, and students at Psychology college and science high schools.
  • The International Woman Harmony Award is an Italian Award that has been awarded since 2013 to counter all forms of violence against women. The laureates are protagonists who have marked the contemporary history with their actions and have exemplified a strong commitment to spread their message of peace, solidarity, social and civil rights.
  • A recipient of the 2018 International Woman Harmony Award (Human Rights), Dr. Widad presented this year's International Woman Harmony Award (Woman Journalism) to Sky Tg24 journalist, Ms. Monica Peruzzi.


"It was an absolute delight to present the 2019 International Woman Harmony Award to the truly gifted Italian journalist and a dear friend Monica Peruzzi. Thoroughly well-deserved. Congratulations!" ~ Dr. Widad Akreyi, jury member of the International Woman Harmony Award

Moments of Tuscany Trip

Photos are courtesy of International Woman Harmony Award Committee, Ar24 TV or the ladies with whom the photos were taken.