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Striving to make the world a better place

A multiple award-winner, international humanitarian, global women empowerment icon, and former senior lobbyist at the United Nations, Widad is also a lifelong human rights leader whose mission is to save lives and alleviate suffering via, among other things, advocating against armed gender-based violence, promoting peace and equal rights and opportunities for all, and mitigating the impacts of man-made conflicts on humans and the environment.

Ranked among the world's notable figures like President John F. Kennedy, Mother TeresaArchbishop Desmond Tutu and HH the Dalai Lama, Widad is the co-founder of Defend International – an NGO devoted to peace, advocacy and human rights. In addition to being accredited as observer and participant in major United Nations meetings and other international conferences, she has facilitated a series of innovative projects aimed at promoting a culture of peace and justice. From 2006-2013, she advocated for the adoption of 3 UN agreements, including a declaration on the use of rape as a weapon of war in conflict zones. In 2014, she spearheaded the global campaigns: Save Kobane, Save Christians, Save Yazidis, We Want Justice and Save Humanity - an exceptional activism which ultimately led to the protection of millions of endangered civilians and the liberation of thousands of enslaved women and children.

The success of her endeavors has resulted in her being awarded the 2017 Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) Peace and Freedom Award for her lifelong commitment to peace, justice and dignity for all, the 2018 International Woman Harmony Award for devoting her life to defending human rights, the Davenport Mayor Medal for her lifetime of advocacy and commitment to the rights and liberty of the persecuted populations in the Middle East, the 2014 International Pfeffer Peace Award for her worldwide efforts in support of peace and justice, and the 2013 Special Prize for bridging the gap between cultures. She has also been honored as a Woman of the Year 2020 for her achievements and for being an inspirational woman.

Widad's overall life mission exemplifies the importance of each component of human wellbeing. Academically, she holds a PhD in public health and epidemiology, a master's degree in genetics and is a peer-reviewer for high-profile medical journals. Her name, Widad, is a derivative of Wendidad or Venidad, which is a portion of the sacred texts of Avesta, the Holy book of Zoroastrianism (the ancient religion of Kurds). Widad means the force that stands against the evil forces.


"My heart aches for you… for them in you
For angels shaking in fright… on a dreadful night
For them on site… for flames leaping on every height
For blood rolling like thunder… o'er a fragile kite
For souls so bright… like remnants of light
For a desperate plight… for hands held tight
My love, in my world… where no hope is in sight
And no right is right… what words can I write?
Our song went lost… with main and might
I'll tell you tonight… in the hush of midnight
Stay here and fight… for a mournful rite" ~ Dr. Widad

"It was a horrible journey into the underworld... They crept around, and their filth polluted my body in January 1003... When they were done, they returned back to darkness where they belong. Before their departure, they stole a part of me and threw it inside their dark well. A part of me that I still miss and will probably miss for the rest of my life. That part which in this very moment is howling and screaming. The part that visits me in my sleep in the form of nightmares. The part that searches for a safe haven, well aware it's nowhere to be found. For never was a time more full of horror than when the wind howled a dismal tune. A tune of woe for us and my torture. A sound like sighing echoed in the empty corners, piercing the hearts of our mourners." ~ Dr. Widad Akreyi

The above are excerpts from Widad's book "The Viking's Kurdish Love" series


The Viking's Kurdish Love on Amazon The Viking's Kurdish Love at Adlibris



"I had the honor to meet Dr. Widad. She is the most Empowering woman I ever met... You are among the most inspiring women in this planet. Getting to meet you has been a tremendous honor for me, a source of further strength and inspiration... Her experience teaches each of us to fight for what is right, to live the change we want to see, to be thankful for all we have in life. Grazie Grazie Grazie, our path will cross soon again somewhere in this world." ~ Neuroscientist Dr. Susanna Rosi


"I am struck by Akreyi's experience as reflected in 13 other women who have won the honor (Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award). Like the others, Akreyi started out with an ordinary life, had an experience and went on to do really extraordinary things. Like Dorothy Day and Sister Helen Prejean, the doctor's efforts in social justice will add to the legacy of the award, and to the contributions made by other pioneering women. These women stood up to power and authority and did not back down. Sometimes we all need to do this." ~ Director Loxi Hopkins


"Dr. Widad is a very unusual person. Her incredible effort for human rights, international peace, freedom and justice is admirable and second to none. She has, among other things, fought to secure her advocacy goals for the benefit of humankind... She fully deserves the international Pfeffer Peace Prize for her efforts, and she is clearly a natural candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize." ~ Mr. K. Flemming Olesen



"Widad - You were a very special guest in our community and brought a very important message that so many of us had the opportunity to hear. You are certainly a great role model for my granddaughters and I hope they are able to keep in touch with you in the future. Your actions are a blessing." ~ Executive director Allan G. Ross


Pushing boundaries to make the world a more equitable place

The Viking's Kurdish Love series, Book 2 in Spanish

Mujeres de Valor 

Amor en crisis: Cuando la vida te da limones, ¿qué haces?

Vesta ha aprendido por las malas a hacer limonada.

La bella y decidida doctora medieval soporta lo insoportable. Es víctima de innumerables sufrimientos. Intimidaciones, humillaciones, violaciones en grupo, pérdida de seres queridos, abortos forzados, abusos psicológicos y emocionales, múltiples operaciones, baños purificatorios, autoexilio y aislamiento: esta mujer kurda lo ha visto todo. Los sanguinarios fanáticos que atacaron sin piedad su hogar desaparecen sin dejar rastro ni pruebas suficientes para ayudarla en su búsqueda de justicia. Su pariente y empleador, el rey Swar, se pone de parte de los atacantes y no de las víctimas.

La realidad es demasiado dolorosa para su marido. Ivar se sumerge en la infidelidad y el alcohol, lo que altera su estado mental.

¿Fracasará su matrimonio? ¿Podrá olvidar el pasado y dejar a sus hijos, brutalmente asesinados, un legado más allá de su dolor?

Contada con una narrativa poética, Mujeres de Valor es un relato apasionante de sufrimiento y supervivencia, con personajes cautivadores, giros argumentales sorprendentes y temas que invitan a la reflexión, sobre todo lo que significa ser leal a los que amamos.

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Nothing Remains Hidden

With Nothing Remains Hidden, Dr. Widad Akreyi, a multiple award-winner in the U.S. and Europe, brings to a triumphant close her matchless, exceedingly clever tetralogy, The Viking's Kurdish Love.

In Scandinavia, Ivar is losing touch with reality after years of captivity. Aviard is tasked with securing his release. Successful at last, the French Abbot puts him on a boat that takes Ivar to Gotland, where he falls into a romance with Alfhild and meets Olaf Haraldsson, the to-be King of Norway. Next he journeys to Jerusalem, then on to yet another part of the world that is new to him. But no matter where he goes, fear for his wife, Dr. Vesta, torments him unceasingly.

In Kurdland, Vesta's life is increasingly swirling out of control. Royal assassinations. Displaced sons and relatives. Rumors of Ivar's death. A sick mother. Marriage proposals. Stressed-out friends. Once-peaceful, the Kurdish kingdom is riven by turmoil and famine.
Enduring all that is one thing, but erasing her love for Ivar is another.

Fate brought them together. Its cruel hand tore them apart. Will they ever reunite?

Entirely fresh and unpredictable at times, utterly human and hilarious at others, Nothing Remains Hidden is a sparkling gem of a read, complete with treasure, secrets, adventure and, of course, unrelenting love.

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The Viking's Kurdish Love series, Book 1 in Spanish

La lucha de los zoroastrianos
por sobrevivir

Una historia épica de romance y recuerdos. Un encuentro de corazones en las circunstancias más improbables.

Una mujer con una mente deslumbrante. Un hombre que toma decisiones impulsivas. Una boda real se convierte en una decapitación. Una nación en riesgo de aniquilación y una batalla por la supervivencia en el horizonte.

Dos vikingos —uno de los cuales es el formidable ex guardia varego cuyo nombre está tallado en una losa de mármol en Santa Sofía de Constantinopla— se establecen en Kurdland. Aunque definidos por las diferentes oportunidades y desafíos que se les imponen, Ivar y Halvdan están desesperados por el reconocimiento y el afecto. A medida que sus vidas se entrelazan con la encantadora y virtuosa doctora, Vesta; la exitosa administradora de Palacio, Zara; y el recién coronado rey kurdo, Swar; intentan enfrentarse a las inevitables pruebas de amor y pérdida en un momento en que la incertidumbre sigue nublando su futuro.

La serie EL AMOR KURDO DEL VIKINGO, ampliamente documentada y seductoramente encantadora, atraviesa continentes, culturas, religiones y décadas de tumultuosa historia regional y mundial. La prosa lírica de Widad envuelve sensualmente a los lectores en la historia de cómo la gente de la época se niega a quedar atrapada por sus experiencias pasadas.

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Roots of To-Be Templars

Could you forgive the men who tortured you (or your loved ones) and murdered your children? Vesta could. Her husband couldn't. The choices they made turned them into a legend.

Ivar vows to avenge the injustice done to his family - a promise which puts him on a path that leads eventually to Northern Europe, where he ends up in a dark place.

In his absence, Kurdland's famous doctor oversees the health of her patients and develops a botanical garden. Seeds are sown. The roots grow as she builds a family with her Anatolian dog, her son Donovan, along with baby Marvin, sister Sandra from Rome, and sister Theodora from Athens. But life becomes increasingly complicated due to sinister plots that threaten the entire Kingdom.

Award-winning leader and author Dr. Widad Akreyi has masterfully woven historical facts and an ancient diary into a seamless tapestry. Meticulously researched, this unique story grips the reader's attention with multiple encouraging messages, the most uplifting being that love - in all its forms and manifestations - takes root and bursts forth limitlessly, transcending the most distressing situations with equanimity.

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"A brilliant narration of a story of universal value. Nothing has been easy in her life, but with great dedication she has become a symbol of a people and an example of peace and wisdom in the world." ~ Mr. Paolo Ignazio Marongiu

"I love Widad's spirit! She has been through so much, things I can't begin to imagine! And she still has so much love in her, she still fights for the rights of peoples all around the world... I wish many people would read this book!" ~ Ms. Vicki Andrada

Seeking to make the world a safer, healthier place


Anatomy of COVID Calamity

Adding a reflective piece to the COVID-19 puzzle, Dr. Widad Akreyi offers a brilliant dissection of a world-shaking pandemic.

Will the COVID-19 crisis ever be over? What does the outlook look like in an altogether more chaotic period? How do variants impact illness severity? Do genes and gender play a part in disease risk? Are there any adverse events that happen after vaccination? What should I be watching for?

If you have been asking yourself questions like these, this book has the answers for you. By combining her unsurpassable compassion and exemplary intelligence with her instant access to the latest medical research, Dr. Widad Akreyi has created a book that will be of tremendous help to you in navigating a smooth path past these trying times.

Stunningly illustrated and written by an expert in the field, Anatomy of Covid Calamity supplies readers with an objective, data-driven assessment of not only the threats facing us right now, but also the problems we all will face in the years ahead. It gives you the unvarnished truth of what is known and what remains unknown with respect to Covid, making the book a key resource for all readers. Widad's compelling messages will resonate widely. Her infectious positivity will guide you in warding against the virus and moving forward.

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What's Next?

Stay Tuned!A new edition of Widad's memoir will be published soon.


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