Thanks & Tributes

Widad has said that she was here because she has been inspired and encouraged by exceptional people with extraordinary hearts. "The kindness and hospitality I have been blessed with are overwhelming to say the least, and there is so much to be thankful for," she has stated, expressing her deepest gratitude to all who have supported her in various ways throughout the years. "I owe them more than words can say," she added.


The following are examples of what others have said or created to support Widad or her efforts:


Mr. Claude Arfaras, USA
Contemporary impressionist artist

Most Reverend Bishop Thomas Zinkula, USA
Bishop of Davenport

"You have been selected by the Pacem in Terris Coalition for your fearless documentation of torture and other human rights violations, as well as your pursuit of justice through medical research and the monitoring of peace initiatives. Your findings regarding crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing have brought horrific acts to light for all the world to see." July 2017

Mr. Kent Ferris, USA
Director of the Davenport Diocese's Social Action and 
Chairman of the Pacem in Terris interfaith Coalition

"Dr. Widad is an incredible addition to the list of Pacem Award winners. She became involved early in her life in responding to human rights violations that were happening around her, courageously chronicling the atrocities. And even after obtaining her PhD in global health and cancer epidemiology as a young adult, her life work remains focused on human rights. She is younger than many of the recent award recipients. I think this is based partly on her life experiences. And I also strongly believe that Dr. Widad is part of an emerging cohort group that is responding to the great injustices of our present day." September 2017

Mr. K. Flemming Olesen, Denmark
Civil Engineer R.a.D

"Dr. Widad is a very unusual person. Her incredible effort for human rights, international peace, freedom and justice is admirable and second to none. She has, among other things, fought to secure her advocacy goals for the benefit of humankind and by taking the initiative to create the organisation Defend International, as she has the ability to influence the decisions of world's leaders, the media, etc. She fully deserves the international Pfeffer Peace Prize for her efforts, and she is clearly a natural candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize." June 2017

Reverend Kristin Stoneking
Executive Director of Fellowship of Reconciliation

“The momentum you created in favor of a UN resolution on a strong and an effective Arms Trade Treaty, your commitment to combat armed gender-based violence, and your successful lobbying for the adoption of the new UN Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict as well as the UN Resolution 2117 exclusively dedicated to illicit transfer, destabilizing accumulation and misuse of small arms and light weapons around the World are outstanding contributions to shifting the current culture of violence, and we are grateful for you..." July 2014

Mr. Paoloi Marongiu, Italy

"For a true  global peace with justice and freedom, support Dr. Widad Akreyi" June 2016

"We have  to support Dr. Widad for a world in peace, for our peace, for a world  teeming with freedom... A continuous action for freedom, to free the bishops Paul Yazigi and Yohanna Ibrahim... An everyday duty: We Demand Peace Now. Freedom can never be silenced, voices of peace are loud. Thank you ever Dr. Widad. Very important to support Dr. Widad in all her missions, the force of a voice, the force of million of voices for peace. The flower of peace always blooming against all odds..." October 2015

"A great pride for all of us that Dr. Widad is awarded the Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award. This is a great day for a better world... Dr. Widad is a great woman, a gift for humanity, the force of peace and freedom... It's an award for a deep action for universal peace and freedom." September 2017

Mr. Al Colvin, USA
Advocate, motivational speaker and member of Board of Directors of NC Chapter American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

"You are the epitome of global peace and the greatest humanitarian for human rights. Your life is such a powerful inspiration! Thank you for dedicating your life to humanity and global peace!" June 2016

"Dr. Widad is an extraordinary leader for Global Peace! This world needs more like you!" October 2015

"Toxins and chemicals are a global health hazard in the midst of current war and global displacement. Your work is truly admirable... God bless these Yazidi children, bring swift justice. Love and protection to Dr. Widad... I concur! Your dialogue is important to global peace. Your dialogue is the correct path! It's understood to be an uphill challenge, but the courageous has to stand up! Coexistence needs a different global approach... Dr. Widad is a humanitarian hero... in God's time the world is witnessing your huge heart! We now feel your pain and respect you for your compassion" Summer 2015

"God blessed you with a strong and courageous spirit! May his glory forever smile upon you! Be encouraged..." May 2015

Mr. Zar Ali Khan Afridi, Pakistan
Chairman of FATA Commission of Human Rights and 
Executive Director of Society for Rights and Development

"Dr. Widad is an icon of international peace and a well-known humanitarian with a history of protecting and promoting human rights, particularly the rights of women and children. She is a sincere person struggling all times, thinking how to protect and promote rights of people and give them relief. She is one of the leading women who peacefully has been fighting for the rights of the oppressed Kurdish and Yazidi women, who are the victims of ISIS and Turkey both. She has raised every issue particularly issue of Alan Kurdi – the child who was drowned in sea in Turkey. Her work and commitment at global level for the rights of humanity will be remembered and written in golden words.
Dr. Widad is also a writer and her new book, The Viking's Kurdish love, is very much appreciated. She is an intellectual and a poet. Her courage shows that she is an iron lady and she takes brave steps always to help humanity. I appreciate her and her work and spirit!" November 2016

"I am very much pleased to read that Dr. Widad was selected for this great award (Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award) which was given previously to world-known figures like John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther king, Desmond and mother Teresa. Dr. Widad deserves it, and I congratulate her on behalf of my own and on behalf of my people from FATA and pashtunistan. We are proud of you doctor for raising voice for those who are voiceless." September 2017

Dr. Dan McQuillan, UK
Amnesty International's Web Manager

On behalf of the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, Dr. McQuillan thanked Widad in March 2006 for promoting Amnesty's  campaigns online.
"We realise that the most effective way to use the internet for human rights impact is to engage with online discussions, blogging and other interactive techniques. It is also critical for us to create online bridges to Arabic speaking audiences by becoming part of online dialogue and debate. These are challenging goals for Amnesty, but with the cooperation of people like yourself we can greatly boost our chances of success," Dr. McQuillan stated.

Mr. David Curry Holmes
Geographer and author

"She is the only one on the forefront fighting this evil that I personally know of. Let us show her we stand with her... Keep up the wonderful work that you do! I wish we could save them all, but any number brought back is a triumph for humanity." September 2015

"May the New Year bring you success in giving voice to the voiceless and hope to those who have forgotten hope." January 2015

"Keep speaking out... More will listen and hopefully act. Brave soul!" 2014

Ms. Jean Laurienti

"Dr. Widad is kind, compassionate and sincere in her calls for peace, a refreshing voice in the face of so much violence... You are a great woman who advocates peace for all people. I wish more would listen and follow your example. RIP Ankara victims." October 2015

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sahay, India

"Congratulation and Happy Women's Day... This is an era of democratic values, not medieval barbaric era. So this type of cruelty is not acceptable... We salute you and your work... Well done... Keep doing it. Important to support Dr. Widad for Humanity." 2015

Ms. Rose Rossi, USA
NYC educator

"God bless you Dr. Widad. He will bless you for doing the Lord's work  looking after others in need. Be strong!" October 2015

Ms. Yehudith Shraga, Israel

"Dr. Widad congratulations! Keep doing your outstanding work, the world may be deaf, but not for ever, I hope." October 2014

Mr. Peter Wallace, Australia
Leader and politician

"Your account is a history of tragedy. Good for you for speaking out. You stand at the top echelon of humanity." December 2015

Ms. Christine Duhaime
Lawyer and founder of Digital Finance Institute

"A woman who tirelessly advocated for Syrian refugees long before the world started caring --> Dr. Widad." September 2015

Ms. Kim Wyatt, USA
Contemporary artist

"Dr. Widad is a great advocate for peace and human rights." October 2015

Ms. Kinnari Vaidya, India

"Dr. Widad: Your continuous, meticulous ongoing hard work for peace is very inspiring for everyone. Hearty congratulations to you." October 2014

Ms. Dissident Fairy, USA
Artist, writer and humanitarian

"Very distraught over the photos of the Yazidi girls. Look into their faces and you can feel them... Your interview was informative and filled with compassion and practical solutions. I was very moved by the endless plight of the Yazidis." September 2014

"Congratulations Dr. Widad for being honored with the International Peace Award. You deserve it for all your tireless work... We are proud of you Dr. for your relentless pursuit of peace and justice for the oppressed Yazidis, Kobane, and Christians." October 2014

"Dr. Widad is a real legend. She is making an indelible impact/imprint in her quest to save the Yazidis... Widad is passionate about saving the Yazidis because she was a child refugee. She feels their fear, and hunger and pain... Dr. Widad is outstanding in her fight to save the Yazidis and free the oppressed... An excellent interview! You painstakingly detailed the suffering and persecution of Christians, Kurds, and the Yazidis... You are a rare jewel in a sea of despair! I feel an overwhelming feeling of love coming from you. I hope Peter Kassig's family feels it too. His work was not in vain! So senseless and sad. I just lost a close family member last night, the same age, due to a traffic accident. This/it hurts." November 2014

"Dr. Widad is a great leader and humanitarian, the rest of us followed her lead. Kudos to Dr. Widad." January 2015

Mr. Andrew Peel

"A strong woman and worthy recipient of Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award who has campaigned to bring the World's attention to the plight of Coptic Christians..." September 2017


Dr. Zahen Aseeb
Physician and former WHO professional

"Heartiest congratulations on being conferred the Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award. You really deserve such prestigious awards." September 2017


Mr. M. Taher

"Genuine people deserve Rewards. Congratulations! Almighty will always support you in your noble cause. You are an inspiration for all Kurdistan." September 2017

Mr. Robert Gillespie

"My sincerest congratulations and delighted to see an award go to a worthy recipient rather than to someone for celebrity, money or position." September 2017


Mr. Ali

"Dr. Widad, I want to thank you. We need a voice in Europe for the innocent people, for peace. And you are always with us..." October 2015

"I was in Istanbul with my Armenian friend when Hrant Dink was killed. I still remember the silent-centennial tears of my friend." January 2015

"Dear Widad, you deserve this award. You have always called the people to peace. I also thank you for your special effort to save Kobane."  October 2014