Davenport Medal

On October 21st, 2017 Widad was presented the Davenport Mayor Medal for her lifetime contribution to defending human rights and dignity for all in the Middle East. She became the first Pacem in Terris honouree to meet the mayor of Davenport and to receive the Davenport medal. 
Dr. Widad Akreyi, a global champion on the plight of the persecuted, was presented the Davenport's Medal by the Honorable Frank Klipsch, the mayor of Davenport, Iowa, for protecting and preserving the gift of liberty for the persecuted populations of the Middle East.

Citing her work to seek justice through medical research and to expose severe violations of human rights, Mayor Klipsch recognised Widad during a private lunch with local medical professionals hosted by the President and chief Executive Officer of Genesis Health System Doug Cropper. The Honourable Frank Klipsch highlighted Widad's commitment to promoting justice and her role in saving the civilians during the armed conflicts in Iraq and Syria.
Commenting on the meeting, Widad said, "It was a lovely surprise to receive the Davenport medal from the honourable Mayor Klipsch. I am humbled and would like to thank him and Mrs. Klipsch for the acknowledgement. I also wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to President and Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Health System, Mr. Doug Cropper and Mrs. Cropper for hosting the meeting. I enjoyed their warm hospitality and the rich culture of Davenport."