The Viking's Kurdish Love



   A True Story of Zoroastrians' Fight for Survival



The Viking's Kurdish Love: A True Story of Zoroastrians' Fight for Survival is the first in-depth account of the lives of the ancient populations of Scandinavia, Mesopotamia, the Middle East and Byzantium, published in novel form.

The book follows two Vikings from Birka, present-day Sweden and their journey to Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, and then to Miafarqin, the capital of the Kurdish Kingdom, Kurdland. The reader will get to know the characters intimately in their own time. The love story between Ivar and Vesta, who had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and passion for medicine. Vesta's life and her legacy. Her attempts to do justice to the truth.

Untold Tale
Widad, with storytelling in her blood, brings to life the untold tale of the struggle of Kurds, Christians (including Armenians, Greeks...), Jews and other minorities in Upper Mesopotamia, to survive the invasion of Kurdland over 1000 years ago. She leaves no stone unturned in her quest for answers to the most pressing questions of our time.


The Viking's Kurdish Love is the first novel ever published about the religions and ancient cultures of Kurdland, Scandinavia and Byzantium.


True Story - True Events
The book is based on historic events and the characters presented have historic counterparts. For instance, Ivar's father was Halvdan, whose name has been found as inscription in Hagia Sophia's upper gallery. A version of his name also appears on the records of the Varangian Guard in Constantinople. The Kurdish King Hasan, whose third wedding turned into beheading, ruled from 990-997. Queen Patê was the widow of Hasan's predecessor, King Pad - the founder of the Kurdish Kingdom. After Pad's assassination in 990, she married Hasan, King Pad's nephew, and had him declared the King. A few years later the relations between Kurdland and Armenia were consolidated by a royal marriage between Hasan and the Christian Princess Maria. Isaac Moshe Abraham was a wealthy Jewish merchant and storeowner in Miafarqin. Elias Eisa was a pastor in Bedra and later became the well-respected bishop of Nesebin. His brother, Dr. Mensor Eisa, was the director of Miafarqin hospital, where Dr. Vesta also worked. The political situations chronicled in the book are the result of years of intensive research.


Born in Birka, a Viking trading center built on an island west of today's Stockholm, Sweden, Ivar is a 16-year-old boy who has hopes for the first time of finding happiness with a slave-girl from Mercia. However, his high hopes end in year 988 when his Dad, Halvdan, sends her to the slave markets in the east and forces him to accompany him on new raids. It proves to be a life-altering journey that changes them forever.

Two years later, Halvdan joins the Varangian guard in Constantinople, yearning to find a better life. Unfortunate chain of events brings Ivar to Upper Mesopotamia in 997. When he arrives in Miafarqin, searching for his Dad, he falls in love with Vesta, an attractive Kurdish, Zoroastrian doctor, and she in turn falls in love with him. They decide to bind their fates in a time when a ruthless invasion and a large-scale, lamentable migration into Kurdland are still ongoing, and when the Kurds vow to fight for their freedom, determined to win a persistent battle for survival. As the new normal begins to emerge, the bloodthirsty invaders are breathing fear and tyranny into Vesta's society. A vicious attack occurs in her house – Vesta and her children are destined to face the intruders alone.


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What Readers Say About The Viking's Kurdish Love

"The Viking's Kurdish Love is a book that has thrilled me from the first to the last page. A book with an incredible inner energy...

A great plot, a timeless plot that lives even today and in the future... a true jewel, a great story in a profound historical scenario...

The strength of the beauty of a story that tells us of a love story from the past that has many repercussions in the present…

A testimony of peace and freedom coherently cultivated day by day and that can be traced widely in a historical book that speaks to us today…

The force of a strong message with a narrative talent." ~ Mr. Paoloi Marongiu

"The Viking's Kurdish Love has just blow me away. It stands among the best historic novels ever written. It has everything an excellent story must have. The passion between Vesta and Ivar drives the plot.

The book recounts the circumstances that has given birth to the world's current climate.

Dr. Widad Akreyi has crafted a compelling tale with memorable characters... I can't wait to read the next volume!" ~ Ms. Merete Andersen

"impressed with this read. This book is excellent in every way. I loved it! Loved the courage Vesta has. Four days after completing the book, I started reading it again... I can't wait to read the next volume!" ~ Ms. Media G.

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    Tara's Book




Taras Bog is the Danish version of Tara's Book, Widad Akreyi's first novel, published in 2003. After being translated to Norwegian and published in Oslo in 2005, it was bought by the Norwegian Cultural Council and distributed to national libraries across Norway, making Widad the first female Kurdish novelist recognised internationally. In 2018 a NovoReads Danish version of Tara's Book was released.

Taras Bog handler om Tara, som lever under håbets skygge. Håbet er fortællerens håb om fred og om frihed for alle former for undertrykkelse. Skyggen er både den, virkelighedens diktatoriske styrer stadig kaster over befolkninger og den, hendes egen fortid bliver ved med at kaste over hendes liv.

Denne bog tegner et portræt af en idealist, der må slås med undertrykkelse fra sin tidligste skoletid og må flygte med sin familie, mens hun stadig er et barn. Hun må se sin far vende tilbage som skygger af sig selv, og hun må begrave sin bedste veninde. Den fælles forbrydelse, de alle har begået, er at være kurdere i Irak under Saddam Hussein.

Trods dette, trods deltagelse i kamp, hvor hun smugler mad til belejrede og spreder sandheden om overgrebene på dissidenter, trods flugt og overfald formår fortælleren at bevare sit håb.

Taras Bog er barsk, fordi den er virkelig.


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